Teen Titans 3 (January 2012)

Lobdell’s gay superhero makes his first appearance this issue and… wow… he could not be more flamboyant. Not sure Lobdell’s aware all gay men aren’t Jm J. Bullock. It’s some terrible writing.

But there’s actually a really fun page in the comic. I couldn’t believe Booth had it in him. Kid Flash–let’s not forget, Kid Flash wasn’t ever a sidekick (that detail of the Titans didn’t make it to the new DC universe)–runs around a room and Booth shows the numbered order of little events. It’s fun. It’s more fun than anything in Titans and it’s something out of a kid’s picture book.

Nothing really happens this issue other than the Bunker (the gay kid) introduction. The regular story line doesn’t develop, just little moments, like Red Robin meeting a giant android and Wonder Girl torturing a bad guy.

It’s a fast read, which means its over sooner.


Better to Burn Out… Than to Fade Away; writer, Scott Lobdell; penciller, Brett Booth; inker, Norm Rapmund; colorist, Andrew Dalhouse; letterer, Dezi Sienty; editors, Katie Kubert and Bobbie Chase; publisher, DC Comics.

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