Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #95


I guess this issue is better than the last one. Milgrom’s directly continuing it, which will probably wreck havoc in the monthly Spider-Man continuity over in Amazing, and he keeps his recap of the previous issue brief.

The writing is still bad–in the case of Cloak and Dagger and the Black Cat, very, very bad–and the art is still exceptionally weak, but at least it all passes somewhat painlessly. There’s nothing idiotic this time, just a bunch of bad dialogue and plotting. The pacing isn’t terrible–the issue takes a while to read because Milgrom has maybe nine different characters who get thought balloons. Lots of villains appear. It’s lame, but it’s not breezy.

Suffering through these issues, I wonder how anyone made it through this period of Spectacular. Black Cat alone would have made me quit reading the comic.

Another bonus: Peter whines less this issue.


  1. Vernon Wiley

    Hmmm..let’s see. Al Milgrom, who for many years worked as an inker to Jim Starlin and others, actually writes and draws these things? How did a third rate inker get into such an envious position? I believe later on he was art director as well at Marvel. I think later he was also unceremoniously shitcanned for some unbecoming graphiti he placed in the background on a cover to Spiderman. So we have to ask ourselves a fundamental question here: are these issues worth rereading? I’m just not feeling the love, pilgrim.