Ka-Zar the Savage 27 (August 1983)

Gil draws like a man possessed this issue. It’s his first time pencilling in a while and he opens the issue with this reintroduction to the Savage Land. Very scenic, but also very big–only two or three panels a page. By the end of the issue, Gil’s fitting maybe fifteen panels a page. Major action events happen in two inch tall panels. It’s incredible. Gil’s detail isn’t right for Ka-Zar–he’s more suited for horror work–but the enthusiasm is amazing to see.

Some of it must be Jones’s fault. His script has about two issues worth of content, with Ka-Zar’s Savage Land buddies healing him and Shanna. So there’s the future science medical scenes, but then we learn… drum roll… Shanna’s mind is going. So Ka-Zar and friends go into her subconscious to save her.

It’s a busy issue, but Jones and Gil make it work.