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Ka-Zar the Savage 22 (January 1983)

Where the heck is Jones going with this comic book?

First off, the issue is a visual delight. Not because of the quality of the artwork, but because of the intricate page layouts. There is a whole page of a car chase from a birds eye view. It’s absolutely crazy stuff. Candido doesn’t do a great job finishing Frenz’s breakdowns, but with layouts like the ones in this issue… mediocre becomes spectacular.

Peter Parker is the issue’s costar, which is kind of fantastic. And Jones even gets away with Peter and Shanna getting busy.

But the threaten of a Parker dalliance is just a pit stop on Shanna’s journey this issue. She’s alone–with everything being taken from her (besides Ka-Zar dying, Zabu the sabertooth tiger is impounded–and she’s in a hostile environment.

Jones does an amazing job with Shanna as the real protagonist.

It’s a great comic.

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