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Sharfik (2010, Karina Gazizova)

A scene from SHARFIK, directed by Karina Gazizova.

Sharfik should be amazing, but director Gazizova seems to think her audience is full of idiots. Until the last two minutes, the only bad thing about the short is the music. The music’s this terrible, melodramatic singing and it completely fails. The short’s otherwise so strong it doesn’t matter.

It’s a simple story—a kid slowly gets abandoned after a war starts. It takes place in Russia during World War II, which I sort of got, just because it’s the easiest example. It could take place anywhere though.

The animation’s this cute little big eyed kid and there’s almost a “Peanuts” vibe to it. Slowly, it becomes clear the whole thing’s in layers of flashbacks, which Gazizova uses quite well. The bad ending is out of tune with Gazizova’s other narrative choices.

I wish the ending weren’t so bad, because it leaves me with an intensely negative reaction to Sharfik.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed and animated by Karina Gazizova.


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