Birds of Prey 3 (January 2012)

I feel like Saiz must have coordinated with colorist June Chung, like he let her know he was going to go light on detail and she’d need to shade in what he should have otherwise been drawing. The art on Birds of Prey feels rushed and only the occasional Saiz greatness shines through.

It’s upsetting. The book at least had good art.

Swierczynski brings Poison Ivy onto the team–though it’s hard to figure out when everyone votes her in–and it does add some flavor to the story. There’s such a lack of personality, Ivy can’t help but spruce it up.

Get it? Spruce?

Anyway, the standard problem is still extant. Swierczynski’s creation for the series, Starling, is still without personality and just a blah character. Oh, wait, she makes fun of Katana and then Swierczynski chickens out of Katana’s reaction.

Besides the occasional signs of life, it’s lame.


You Might Think; writer, Duane Swiercynski; artist, Jesús Saiz; colorist, June Chung; letterer, Carlos M. Mangual; editors, Bobbie Chase and Janelle Asselin; publisher, DC Comics.

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