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Ka-Zar the Savage 23 (February 1983)

Jones turns Ka-Zar into James Bond this issue, setting him loose in Casablanca in a clumsy homage to the film. Jones includes lots of little details and nods and is very excited about it, but Casablanca isn’t an obscure film. Instead of witty, Jones’s homage seems overly cute.

His explanation for Ka-Zar’s resurrection is the James Bond stuff and then it’s desert adventure time. Oh, the evil secret agent woman forces herself on him. Ka-Zar is surprisingly risqué (and has been since the first issue).

Meanwhile, Shanna gets to hang out with Spider-Man a little more, but Jones severely reduces her page time in this issue. It’s too bad. Ka-Zar’s story is fantastic, but without emotional connection to the reader, whereas Shanna’s is all about that connection.

Bob Hall’s pencils are occasionally quite good, but usually just okay.

The flashback backup is fine, an excuse for Mayerik art.

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