Ka-Zar the Savage 19 (October 1982)

This issue is very full. Not a lot happens, but there are a lot of scenes and most of them have some action. Ka-Zar, an amnesiac mute after his brain injury, roams New York while Shanna tries to save him. She has to surmount government bureaucracy… and buy a new set of clothes. Meanwhile, the villainous hussy from last issue is doing her own thing.

Bringing Ka-Zar and Shanna to New York gives Jones a lot of material. The story itself is sort of secondary to the little encounters both have in the modern world. Jones maintains the characters perfectly–these are people who have left the modern world and are only back in it by force. They don’t fit, regardless of attire.

Unfortunately, Gil’s art has its usual problems, otherwise it’s excellent.

The backup has some beautiful Mayerik art… but not enough. The backup is way too short again.