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DC Universe Presents 3 (January 2012)

Jenkins sure does have a lot of ideas. He changes his approach to more of a heist movie with this issue, as Deadman lays all the pieces in place to get free of his leash.

Except Jenkins also feels the need to spend three or four pages in flashback, explaining a really bad experience for Deadman. It breaks the flow of the narrative–and gives Deadman time to do things off page, so the reader can be surprised by his heist planning next issue.

But it does a little more, showing Jenkins’s unsureness. Three issues into his (four?) issue Deadman story, Jenkins still doesn’t know quite what he’s doing. Deadman has become assured and unstoppable, which makes him a boring protagonist.

It’d be difficult, of course, for Deadman to be interesting with Chang drawing him. It’s like Chang’s trying to stylize, but doesn’t know how. The art’s a constant problem.


Twenty Questions, Part Three; writer, Paul Jenkins; artist, Bernard Chang; colorist, Blond; letterer, Dave Sharpe; editor, Wil Moss; publisher, DC Comics.

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