Red Hood and the Outlaws 3 (January 2012)

Unbelievable. Lobdell has this all knowing kid god look into the histories of the cast because they’re so “curious.” Nothing like the writer creating characters who tell the reader the lame characters are really, really interesting.

Also interesting is a detail about Starfire’s memory. I thought Lobdell had given interviews she and Jason are just messing with Roy about her being an anterograde amnesiac (or whatever) and she’s not really a brainless nymphomaniac. This issue directly contradicts that explanation. She really is a brainless nymphomaniac.

And how can Green Arrow have a sidekick in his twenties if he’s in his twenties now? The logic editing of the new DC Universe is just dreadful.

Rocafort’s scenery drawing skills come in handy, but he’s bad at giant monsters and humanoid figures.

Lobdell unexpectedly finishes on a sappy note. It’s lame, desperate, and nearly sincere.

Sincere or not, Red Hood is still awful.


Cherish is the Word I Use — to Destroy You!; writer, Scott Lobdell; artist, Kenneth Rocafort; colorist, Blond; letterer, Pat Brosseau; editors, Katie Kubert and Bobbie Chase; publisher, DC Comics.

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