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Photographs (2011, Christina “Kiki” Manrique)

A scene from PHOTOGRAPHS, directed by Christina "Kiki" Manrique.

Photographs might be an exquisite little short about grief, but directors Manrique and Clogher have some truly terrible ideas and it ruins the short.

Their protagonist is a lonely old woman. She finds a Polaroid camera and goes around taking pictures of herself. She’s the only person in the film and the rest of the world looks like it’s been shelled. And she has a really nice house (on the inside) so it’s not clear why she’s dumpster diving for cameras.

The reveal at the end further complicates the issue because Manrique and Clogher are treating a camera like a magic wand or Aladdin’s Lamp.

Of course, had they established the short takes place in some future world where the people are all gone, it might have worked. It would have been on the road to working.

The great music from Andy Grush gets Photographs functioning, but not well enough.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, directed and animated by Christina “Kiki” Manrique and Brendan Clogher; music by Andy Grush.


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