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Ka-Zar the Savage 14 (May 1982)

And here we go… the perfect example of what it means to have a good inker versus a bad “finisher.” Anderson provides layouts, Gil finishes them. So this issue of Ka-Zar shows evidence of Anderson’s exquisite panel composition, without any of the detail. Gil, though a fine inker, is not a good penciler or fill-in artist.

This issue is ugly. The art isn’t incompetent, but it’s definitely ugly.

Besides the art, it also shows the fundamental problem with Jones’s pacing. Ka-Zar shows up, finds Shanna with her monkey man husband and monkey girl stepdaughter and tries to be a big man about it.

These events take place about a day and a half after Shanna got lost. It makes no emotional sense.

The majority of the issue is Ka-Zar hanging out with the monkey man and it works. It just can’t cure all the pacing problems.

It’s very unfortunate.

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