The Savage Hawkman 2 (December 2011)

Tony Daniel sure does come up with interesting character names! I wonder if someone told him dumb, unbelievable character names made him a good writer.

Hawkman might be a little better this time, but only because it’s got a lot more stuff to mock.

First, Daniel’s dialogue is awful.

Second, Tan does his painted Hawkman panels and then his sketchy regular panels. Colorist Sunny Gho sticks so much to greys, it actually hurts Tan’s art. And Tan’s art is terrible, so for a colorist to hurt it… well, the colorist can’t be very good.

The comic reads like a spy story, not a superhero one. Carter Hall and his secrets. Of course, Daniel hasn’t made the new DC Universe Carter Hall at all interesting. Except he appears to have an enormous apartment… and can’t pay his rent. Making him the second (third?) post-relaunch character with this dilemma.

Still garbage.


Wings of Darkness; writer, Tony S. Daniel; artist, Philip Tan; colorist, Sunny Gho; letterer, Travis Lanham; editor, Janelle Asselin; publisher, DC Comics.

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