Revolution on the Planet of the Apes 2 (January 2006)

The problem with Revolution reveals itself in the backup from Templeton and Gabriel Morrissette–it’s supposed to be cheeky. It’s hard to describe the comic as anything else. Sure, it’s a direct sequel to Conquest but who cares? It’s also a direct prequel to Battle so the series is of little consequence.

To fill in for the pointlessness, Templeton and O’Brien are cheeky. It’s all a “wink wink” joke for the reader, who presumably likes Planet of the Apes… but not enough to want a real comic book series of it.

Almost all of O’Brien’s logic is bad too. The setting of Conquest gets retrofitted for the modern day, which means a lot of Internet references. Had the comic stuck to the actual setting it’s continuing, Revolution might have worked better.

As far as the art goes… Sam isn’t improving. Between him and the plotting, Revolution reads like a fanzine.

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