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Revolution on the Planet of the Apes 3 (March 2006)

Oh, no dream sequence this issue. I would have entirely forgotten about the dream sequences if the backup story hadn’t mentioned them. Caesar (Roddy McDowell in the last two movies) is a psychic in Revolution. He sees the future, which looks shockingly like bad Charlton Heston movies.

The backup this issue clearly identifies what’s so wrong with Revolution. Templeton can write and O’Brien can’t. Templeton’s backup, even with the Sam art (and at times because of it), feels like a wacky Love and Rockets homage. The pacing of the story’s great and Templeton’s dialogue is excellent. Sam’s layouts are strong, even if his details get very lazy. It’s almost good and definitely interesting to read.

O’Brien’s script for the main story is crap. It’s all a Terminator 3 rip-off now with the acocalyptic stuff.

But it’s got Tom Fowler art. He alone makes this comic worth reading. He’s great.

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