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Velvet (2013) #3

Velvet  3

I wanted this issue to be better. It’s decent, but Brubaker is moving things along quickly. He’s changing the narrative structure up, which is a little confusing, and Epting doesn’t really have any indicators to make it a seventies setting. I forgot it didn’t take place in the present until a line about Soviet Russia.

Brubaker’s confident and enthusiastic, which is great for him–who’d want to read a comic the writer isn’t jazzed writing–but it’s iffy for the reader. The series isn’t episodic, it needs some cohesion and a couple flashbacks don’t cut it here.

The story itself is simpler than it all appears. Velvet has a sidekick now–Burke, I think–but he doesn’t make much impression. Brubaker writes from Velvet’s perspective; none of the men are interesting, including her allies.

The lack of cohesion will probably lead to good, but not great, issues. Like this one.

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