Teen Titans 2 (December 2011)

I assume Lobdell had to turn in his terrible script for Teen Titans early (so Booth could draw it poorly), which means his constant references to objectifying women aren’t some breaking the fourth wall reaction to the response to the misogyny in his writing.

Too bad. It might be funny.

Wonder Girl can’t shut up about Robin–sorry, Red Robin–looking at her butt. It’s bad the first time and tiring the next thirty. The funny part, of course, is Red Robin really is looking at her butt and he doesn’t admit it. The lousy narration gives it away.

Other things we learn… black superheroes become cockroaches and Kid Flash doesn’t know the Flash. It’s so hard to figure out the new DC Universe.

The most fun in Titans is when Booth and Rapmund’s expressions work in direct opposite to the writing.

Though Lobdell’s inability to use English amuses too.


Underground and Overwhelmed!; writer, Scott Lobdell; penciller, Brett Booth; inker, Norm Rapmund; colorist, Andrew Dalhouse; letterer, Carlos M. Mangual; editors, Katie Kubert and Bobbie Chase; publisher, DC Comics.

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