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Girl Comics (2010) #3

Girl comics 3

Colleen Coover does another lame intro for issue. It seems better than usual, probably because of the atrocious first story, from Marjorie Liu and Sara Pichelli. It’s a Wolverine and Jubilee talking heads story; Liu’s dialogue is indescribably bad.

Next is another stupid Power Pack story from long-time writer Louise Simonson. June Brigman and Rebecca Buchman’s art is nearly okay, but clearly not ready for prime time.

Lea Hernandez’s attempt at being “cute” with Wolverine and Magneto is lame.

Ann Nocenti and Molly Crabapple do a Typhoid Mary story. The indie art doesn’t fit the poorly written story.

Even Kelly Sue Deconnick’s story is weak. The dialogue’s good, the narration’s not. And Adriana Melo and Mariah Benes do nineties Image imitations.

Carla Speed McNeil has Kitty Pryde and Wolveine go to a superhero bar. It’s pointless, but better than anything else in the issue.

Girl Comics is a debacle.

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  1. Kind of makes you wonder if at editorial Marvel had an idea to do a women’s anthology, and then gave editors a couple of weeks to make it happen. “Here girls, here’s your bone, just get it in by Friday…”

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