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Rip Kirby, The Affairs of Crusher Twickham (November 1953-April 1954)


It’s a genial adventure for Rip and company (well, not so much “and company,” just Desmond—Honey’s barely around again) as Desmond’s old friend tries to become a gentleman to woo a lady. Turns out the lady works in a club and her boss sees dollar signs. It’s a pleasant little mystery, maybe because there’s very little at stake.

A lot of the story follows Desmond and, once again, it shows how much it helps having a protagonist with some history. Rip’s too bland. When he does arrive to help Desmond out, he’s still not the principal focus of the storyline.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot for Raymond to do. There are no interesting settings, there are no elaborate action scenes. In fact, the one lengthy sequence is so unmemorable I should’ve taken notes .

Still, he does have to draw an attractive woman in her fifties, which is a change.


Writer, Fred Dickenson; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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