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The Saga of the Swamp Thing (1982) #11

The Saga of Swamp Thing  11I think this issue must have been an informal “jumping on” point. Over the first four or five pages, Pasko recaps every major event in the series in a flashback. Then he spends another five or six pages on expository dialogue.

The Yeates art, along with some of the concepts, make those dull pages work. I’ve never come across anything else, I don’t think, linking the Holocaust and the Antichrist. Pasko’s idea is the Antichrist would obviously target the Jews, as they’re God’s chosen people (it’s not directly stated, but it’s definitely implied).

The action picks up towards the end with the villain—a mutant child who uses her powers to artificially age herself, which is also a good concept but poorly executed. There’s her, there’s Swamp Thing (who’s incidental to this issue’s events) and there’s a golem.

The less said about Levitz’s anti-euthanasia Phantom Stranger propaganda the better.

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