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Girl Comics (2010) #2

Girl comics 2

It’s another terrible issue. Is Marvel trying to say all female creators can do are trite stories? Colleen Coover annoys with her opening…

Oh, wait. The Jill Thompson Inhumans story is fine. It’s predictable to the point I think I’ve read it somewhere before (Lockjaw getting a bath) but the art’s good and the writing’s inoffensive.

The next one is awful—it’s about a superheroine beauty parlor, from Coover with Kathryn Immonem writing. The uncredited letterer screws up the dialogue pacing but it wouldn’t be much better with competent word balloons.

Stephanie Buscema has a weak Doctor Doom two pager.

Faith Erin Hicks’s Nextwave story features a superhero killing teenagers. I guess that’s cool. You know, for a Disney comic. But it’s otherwise weak.

Abby Denson and Emma Vieceli’s superhero personals (starring Mary Jane) is lame.

Finally, Christine Boylan and Cynthia Martin’s Doctor Strange is well-illustrated but poorly written.

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