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The Saga of the Swamp Thing (1982) #3

The Saga of Swamp Thing  3And here’s where Pasko hits his stride. The issue features Swamp Thing versus a town of teen vampires who have not just ruined the town but done so out of boredom. Though I suppose their argument vampires don’t have to worry about money rings true.

Pasko handles the villainy of the characters and their supernatural situation well. But the best part is how he deals with the vampire hunters. Swamp Thing sort of moves through the issue (he’s only trying to get out of town) as an observer. That approach harkens back to the original series.

Speaking of the original series, Yeates usually renders Swamp Thing in that slicker manner, but he’s starting to establish the more mossy Swamp Thing here. Very interesting to see how it all progressed.

It’s a good issue.

The Phantom Stranger backup is strong too. Barr has an interesting script, though he needs another page.

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