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The Unwritten 24 (June 2011)


Carey continues Pauly the foulmouthed bunny rabbit’s story, bringing him behind the scenes of fiction. Children’s fiction specifically. Carey visualizes it as an endless staircase with small doors into stories. Pauly escapes from the cellar through one of those doors.

It’s an interesting approach–all of the cast is, once again, pretty dumb (they’re cute little story-time animals after all) and Pauly quickly manipulates them all. Except the weasels. Once gets the feeling the weasels know what’s going on. Carey has a lot of Wind in the Willows references this issue… weasels included.

As usual with these done-in-ones, Carey could probably do a series around them so he has to bring a distinct voice. Here he uses Pauly’s… baby mama (a hippo) who recounts the tale. She’s a reliable narrator, but dumb. Makes for an interesting perspective.

The art is simultaneously precious and ominous. Al Davison does well over Gross’s layouts.


Stairway to Heaven; writers, Peter Gross and Mike Carey; pencillers, Gross and Al Davison; inker, Davison; colorist, Chris Chuckry; letterer, Todd Klein; editors, Joe Hughes and Pornsak Pichetshote; publisher, Vertigo.

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