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Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Enemy (2007)

Chronicles of Wormwood The Last Enemy cropI can’t figure out what they were thinking with The Last Enemy. It’s an epilogue to the series, basically resetting Danny’s personal life and making room for a new villain. No telling if the new villain will be as hilarious as Pope Jacko though.

The most striking thing about it is Rob Steen. He does this terrible Jacen Burrows impression. I can’t believe they’d go from Burrows to Steen. Steen draws everyone short. I guess he probably draws Jimmy (the rabbit) all right.

Ennis is also sort of phoning it in. There’s not a lot of blasphemy here, but there are a ton of okay but obvious jokes. While it’s cool to have Jesus Christ and Jimmy debating the end of John Carpenter’s The Thing, it’s not clear if it’s the J.C. thing or the Carpenter thing or it just being a great movie.

Enemy’s harmless but should be excellent.

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  1. Yeah, this one was a strange one, with an antagonist you just didn’t want to see, for obvious reasons. What’s utterly bizarre about the next series is that Ennis eliminates all humor out of the contextual sphere as well, setting up a different exercise. One that can’t be measured, as it remains unfinished after about a year now.

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