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Marvels: Eye of the Camera (2009) #2


The second issue is better than the first… but it’s still got a bunch of problems. It’s more of a sequel to the original series than the first issue, which makes the first issue even more questionable, but it also… it’s a….

So, the protagonist has this book about all the heroes and it’s called Marvels and it’s a big best seller. So now he doesn’t know what to do next and he decides instead of doing a book about villains or something, he’s going to do a book to show everyone the superheroes are true heroes.

Something he basically already did and they talk about him doing a lot in this issue.

It’s mind bogglingly illogical.

I must be missing something. Like a CliffsNotes to it or an online reading guide.

Anacleto’s still boring. Maybe the lack of superheroes in the superhero comic has something to do with it.

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