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Chronicles of Wormwood (2007) #5


And here’s where Vertigo could have made more sensational news than in its entire history… Ennis’s God is a compulsive masturbator. I’d forgotten.

Burrows really captures the full page reveal beautifully, as well as Jimmy’s reaction to it.

There’s a bunch of great scenes this issue (as usual). Whether it’s Danny beating Judas to death or running into his ex-girlfriend, Ennis is on the top of his game. The ex-girlfriend scene is touching and sensitive and good writing. The Judas scene is a little different. Ennis sets Judas up as an unrepentant jerk (which sort of sells Wormwood a little to Christians, doesn’t it?) and his beat-down is glorious. Ennis learned how to make visceral violence rewarding on Preacher and just utilizes that skill again here.

Jimmy gets a lot of great lines in; he could support his own series.

As the penultimate issue, it works great.

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