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Chronicles of Wormwood (2007) #4


Ennis is clearly gearing things up here for the finish, which is appropriate, I suppose, as he is in the second half of the series.

The beginning is more of the boys in Hell on their road trip (Jay eventually gets sick) while Satan and Pope Jacko hang out and try to figure out how to get armageddon started. There’s a lot of expository dialogue here from Satan about the history of Christianity. Ennis pulls it off, but he’s basically just on a soap box. It works… it’s just obvious.

Then the boys get back to New York and Ennis introduces another character who figures into the whole apocalypse thing. It’s a side story, one with some really funny details and opportunities to deepen Jay’s character (very sublimely, I’ll add) and give Jimmy some good lines.

The hard cliffhanger exemplifies creating tension without action.

Ennis continues to do great work.

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