A Pocket Guide to Objects (2013)

Skitched 20130630 203648What’s A Pocket Guide to Objects about? Guess what, not objects. Not really. Sort of. Maybe.

The pamphlet or comic or book is itself an object, which Kevin Huizenga wrote while listening to Beethoven. A lot of the concepts he actually does discuss–I thought when he said “objects” he meant something simple like how to organize one’s mix tapes from the late nineties–regarding form and content tie into his experience listening to the music. So it’s a narrative. It’s non-fiction, first person narrative about his thoughts about making comic books (without saying comic books) while listening to Beethoven.

According to the back of the guide, Huizenga made this book on his inkjet printer. It runs approximately sixteen pages; I’m probably counting the covers. On the front cover Huizenga writes, “Keep it for Future Reference.” Definitely.

His ideas perplex and engage, but his execution of his thoughts inspirits.


Writer, artist, colorist and letterer, Kevin Huizenga; publisher, USS Catastrophe.

One Comment

  1. vernon wiley

    Huizenga’s comics are such a detailed, organic process that you never tire of them, as long as you’re in the mood to think. Years from now, we’ll be looking back at these wonderful little pamphlets and thinking, why didn’t DC or Marvel attempt something like this. We gotta cover this guy on the next podcast.

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