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Red Herring (2009) #5


In an apparent attempt to spite my compliments, Tischman turns in his weakest script. It’s not bad, it’s just not as good as it should be. He finished the previous issue with an earth-shattering reveal… this issue he moves along as though it’s not important.

So maybe it isn’t. But by making it unimportant, pretty much everything else is now unimportant too.

He also goes a little crazy with the flashbacks here, layering all the plot twists, making it even more jumbled. It’s no longer clear who the good guys are working with and who they aren’t working with and if they’re working with anyone at all.

Unfortunately, the large cast isn’t working out either. Tischman still has the cast members appear, but their activities are somewhat boring. It’s like he’s building toward something grand… which means next issue has a lot to do.

Still, it’s far from bad.

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