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Red Herring (2009) #6


Well, Tischman proves me wrong and wraps everything up nicely.

The issue ends with a beautiful page from Bond and Hahn—not extraordinary content, just extraordinary execution—and all is right.

The characters each get their moment, though I suppose Tischman does have some major pacing issues. He inserts a year into the present action at the last minute, then apparently flashes back to resolving the protagonists’ story. That missing year would probably make an entertaining sequel.

Finishing the series, even with its one weaker issue and the logic gaps this one (I didn’t mention the glaring one because it would spoil too much), it’s an impressive little piece of work. The conspiracy genre—the comedy conspiracy genre—is one underrepresented in comic books and Tischman , Bond and Hahn certainly show the medium does well with it.

I do wish there’d been some acknowledgment of the wacky character names though.

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