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Red Herring (2009) #4


Oh, look at Tischman go—he totally turns Red Herring on its head at the end of this issue. He might have turned it on its head a few pages earlier too, but it’s too soon to tell.

This issue does make clear the situation with the aliens. He finally goes close third person with the head of the evil corporation and clears it up. Unfortunately, the handling of that aspect has become a weak point. Everything else in this issue is strong, whether it’s the character stuff or the comedy stuff, but the scene with the corporate guy… it’s unimaginative.

It’s like Tischman didn’t want to push too hard (or date the series). So he plays it safe and it comes off weak. I do think he’s been watching “American Dad” though, especially Patrick Stewart on that show.

Still, it’s another solid issue. Easily the best Tischman I’ve read.

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