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Black Widow: Pale Little Spider (2002) #3


It’s a fast finish—maybe too fast—but Rucka’s pacing the series more and more like a TV show. The entire issue is the last few minutes of a longer episode, which probably frustrated when reading the series split over three months but not much in a shorter period.

Unfortunately, from the first page, it’s clear Kordey is hurrying along. Maybe it’s because a lot of the issue is bright. He’s letting the colorist fill in the darks here, whereas before he was making sure they were there. It still works, just because Rucka knows how to craft an espionage story. This issue is the finale and has the big moment for Yelena, but it’s the least about her. Like Rucka also knows he can’t push the situation in an action comic.

Spider‘s a strong approach to the character. It’s a shame Rucka and Kordey didn’t get a follow-up.

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  1. Black Widow had to be one of the best series published while under the old Marvel regime. All three had something to recommend them, and easily my fave was this one, with the fetishistic overtones. Who knew Rucka and Kordey had it in them? Sure glad they did,though, as it is one of the most interesting books to come out of the Quesada/Jemas period of Marvel.

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