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Black Widow: Pale Little Spider (2002) #2


Rucka continues with less of a procedural, though that element is still present, and more of a… well, not character study but something close.

Pale Little Spider is, for the majority of this issue, all about Yelena and her psychological problems. She’s not crazy or anything, but she’s disturbed and she discovers things about herself and her world view while in the S&M club.

I’m not sure where Rucka came up with the issue’s twist, but it’s a good one. He’s bringing thriller movie set pieces to a familiar comics territory. One of the best moments is when it’s clear the Russian police don’t really believe in “The Black Widow.” She’s so scary, she’s just a legend. Then Rucka shows the damaged person behind the assassin.

And great Kordey art too.

The Call of Duty backup is pretty awful. But at least Marvel’s lionizing firefighters and not soldiers, right?

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