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Nancy in Hell (2010) #1


So is the title, Nancy in Hell, a reference to Nightmare on Elm Street? Torres opens with that the titular Nancy in the middle of a monologue comparing herself to an eighties horror movie star. Maybe I’m over thinking it.

Because Nancy in Hell does not offer much in the way of story or inventiveness. Actually,the soft cliffhangers compelling and unexpected. Torres does well with it.

What Nancy does offer is Juan Jose Ryp doing his first work—as far as I know, anyway—for someone other than Avatar. It’s less busy and more rounded, mainstream stuff and, oh, it is beautiful. The joke is Nancy is an eighties pin-up girl, so Ryp does get to play with the cheesecake, but really he’s bringing all his excellent action sensibilities… but not busying it too much. You can see what’s going on.

It’s beautiful.

And a not terrible read.

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