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Black Widow: Pale Little Spider (2002) #1


Something tells me Marvel won’t be trading Pale Little Spider if Disney ever makes a Black Widow movie. Jaded as I am, I never thought it’d be an S&M-themed Black Widow comic, regardless of it released via MAX.

What’s immediately striking about it is Greg Rucka’s writing. He’s doing a police procedural (in Russia). It opens with regular detectives, then it turns to Black Widow II (you know, the blond one) doing the investigating. The series plays to Rucka’s strengths—though I had no idea S&M was one of them.

It helps he’s got Igor Kordey, of course. Kordey is able to show the entire thing as ugly, whether it’s something simple like the crime scene, the autopsy or the investigators themselves. Disney also wouldn’t want this one traded because Yelena (blond Black Widow) is an ugly little troll under Kordey’s pencil.

Little Spider‘s shocking and good.

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