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Doctor Strange: The Oath (2006) #3


Vaughan is starting to lose a little of his steam. The majority of the action takes place resolving last issue’s cliffhanger. We learn the secret villain, after some red herrings—very short red herrings, almost like Vaughan only half-heartedly included them—and it’s not particularly exciting. It’ll probably be more exciting next issue but this one… is strangely pat.

It’s good and all, but Vaughan additionally reveals the secret villain to be working for drug companies. The last two issues was great chemistry and banter and this issue is evil drug companies? It would have been more revolutionary to have a non-evil drug company. No shit they’re going to stop people from curing cancer. In some ways, Vaughan’s approach is mildly insensitive. It’s a plot point, no more real than if they were curing warp speed sickness. It’s like cancer isn’t really “real.”

Some lovely Martin art too.

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