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Doctor Strange: The Oath (2006) #2


Dr. Strange and friends head out to discover what’s going on—there’s really not much action, just going to the Bronx, then to a secret base. What Vaughan concentrates on (besides the humor) is the flashbacks to Strange’s past.

Vaughan’s read on the character is a lovable jerk. Wong’s got to know he’s a prick, but Wong still likes him because Dr. Strange is, all in all, a good guy. The flashbacks just show pre-magic, Dr. Strange was a selfish jerk. Post-magic… he’s an altruistic jerk. The best is when he’s whining he knows New York better than Spider-Man.

Wong points out navigating the boroughs still gives him trouble.

Wong shares that observation with Night Nurse, who’s along for the adventure and a great foil for Strange. Intentionally or not, Vaughan has recast Doctor Strange as a Hollywood classic, full of charm and banter.

It’s absolutely wonderful.

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