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Doctor Strange: The Oath (2006) #1


One has to wonder… if everyone wrote Dr. Strange and Wong as well as Vaughan does here, wouldn’t Doctor Strange be the most popular book on the market? Instead of one without an ongoing, I mean.

Vaughan comes up with a compelling story, sure, but the selling point is his dialogue and the character relationships. The issue opens when Iron Fist and Araña comparing superhero notes, which is hilarious on its own, then the drama of Strange being shot (there’s a shadowy villain too)… but soon it’s all about how much fun it is to spend time with Wong and Strange. Even when Wong’s dying, it’s a lot of fun.

There is, of course, the second layer to The Oath. There’s Marcos Martin’s artwork. Something about his style just makes it all work—the humor, the drama, the magic.

It’s a lovely book (even if the villain’s name is stupid).

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  1. And ultimately the sad fact about this arc is the only way you can read it is online. It’s been out of print for years(?) now. Easily one of the best things Vaughn did, and also (as you stated) the best modern era Dr. Strange treatment. I wonder if Marvel is even in the comics publishing business any more.

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