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Muppet King Arthur (2009) #1


Muppet King Arthur has one rather big problem. It doesn’t really have any other problems, actually, as the writing is great–it’s funny as a Muppet comic–there’s plenty of the self-aware anachronisms the genre (the Muppet retelling) has always had, both in film and comic mediums. It’s also smart like a Muppet comic (or film) should be, accounting for adults more than children as an audience. It’s also beautifully paced.

So what’s the problem?

Artist Dave Alvarez is not ready for primetime. His artwork, if it weren’t digitally colored (poorly I might add, but they didn’t have much to work with), is about on par with a high school comic strip. It’s two dimensional and totally lacks personality. And he appears to dislike backgrounds as much as Vince Colleta.

It’s a shame. While I have hopes the writing will get even better, I know the art will not.

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  1. It’s entirely too bad when a comic company launches a book with such a huge deficiency. Their Muppet line has such promise to be a mainstay as long as they produce them, but shoddy craft will undermine any attempt at a healthy franchise. Perhaps it was the budget. I can’t see smaller companies like Boom paying much on books they owe a licensing fee to already, so that newbies are “paying their dues” are part of the profit margins. Sad, but perhaps a part of the comics business during this recession.

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