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The Sixth Gun (2010) #10


If Bunn feels he needs to redeem Becky in some way, he’s sure taking his time about it.

There’s some awesome looking awful stuff this issue—Hurtt reminds, more than once, of he and Bunn’s previous series, The Damned, with the supernatural elements—but also of important has to be Billjohn. Well, Billjohn the clay golem. He seems to have more to do than just stand around.

About half the issue follows Becky as she wakes up and realizes Kirby isn’t such a good guy… oh, but wait, she can’t raise her hand against him. Bunn has made her a truly boring character this arc and one hopes Drake will somehow liven her up again.

As for Drake, he spends the issue talking again. The talking is interspersed with those supernatural scenes; it’s interesting, but one can’t help feel like Bunn’s putting Drake on the back burner.

Still, it’s good.

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