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The Sixth Gun (2010) #8


Things are still developing, but while they do, Drake gets into a bit of trouble and we get to see Hurtt do a man versus giant alligator scene. It’s a fantastic few pages from Hurtt, who’s otherwise not doing a lot of action this issue. There’s some talking and some more of those discreet little motions in panels the reader needs to heed… like I said, things are still developing.

Bunn also hasn’t quite given the reader enough information about Kirby yet. I’m hoping he’s not bad, just because it’ll make Becky seem like a fool. Their friendship is one of the other percolating elements, though Drake does find out about him this issue.

I love how Gun is never melodramatic, even with the fine New Orleans setting and so on. Bunn and Hurtt somehow manage to get through the issue without even the hint of a misstep or stumble.

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