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The Sixth Gun (2010) #7


Twice in this issue, Hurtt and Bunn have these little actions—Becky clutching her arm, later going for the gun in her purse—and they’re silent moments in small panels. The reader needs to pay attention to The Sixth Gun, or he or she is going to miss something.

Most of this issue is just prepping for whatever’s coming next. It establishes the new ground situation for the series—Drake is drunk and solitary, Becky is waiting for him to not be either. Then come this issue’s two developments—Drake goes after something he’s had Gord looking into and Becky meets a fella. The fella is a gunfighter, but that occupation doesn’t seem as important as him being a competitor for her affections. Though Drake hasn’t declared himself.

It’s an excellent comic; Bunn and Hurtt are a great team. It’s been a while since I read Gun. I’ve missed it.

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