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The Sixth Gun (2010) #9


Ho hum. Bunn does the exact thing I was really hoping he wouldn’t, but he aggravates the situation by accelerating Kirby and Becky’s friendship into a sexual relationship immediately this issue.

Well, not immediately, because Gord and Drake sit around and talk about the six guns possibly being even more trouble than they imagined. Then we get to a post-coital scene with Kirby and Becky… and it occurs to me, thinking about it, Drake hasn’t seen him yet. So maybe there’s a surprise waiting for when Drake does finally see him.

The issue is mostly focused on action. Someone’s after the guns, causes some trouble for the cast. It’s a lot of great Hurtt action art, page after page of it. The art makes up for Bunn’s revelation.

I’m not exactly disappointed—it’s not a bad twist—it’s just a predictable, pointless one. I wanted more from the series.

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