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Xombi (1994) #3


At one point this issue, the Nun of the Above—who’s that nun I mentioned last time—tells one of the new cast members she’s never heard of him. My response is similar. I’m weary at trying to keep the cast straight. From the first five pages, Rozum has got five or six people moving through the issue.

He introduces two to six more by the end, depending how you want to count. It’s all very mystical, very supernatural… and has nothing to do with protagonist David Kim.

It’s impossible to discount the comic book. Xombi is a very good comic book; Birch’s art matches the script and the script is well written.

It’s just almost impossible to connect with. David Kim hasn’t even called his fiancée yet. We haven’t even established if people are going to call him David or something else.

Rozum’s dragging the reader through a mess.

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