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Xombi (1994) #2


J.J. Birch is the perfect artist for this book. He can even make cute little mechanical birds like mildly scary.

Rozum resolves his cliffhanger. Actually, it wasn’t a hard cliffhanger, but a soft one. There are no happy moments, no redemptive ones, no smiles.

Well, maybe some smiles. Here, Rozum introduces the supporting cast—and, yes, one of them is a nun—and he has a good time with them. They’re all meeting the protagonist, David Kim, for first time, but they’ve been around together. There’s bickering, there are inside jokes; it’s a great scene.

There’s some hints at the villains too, and it definitely seems as though Rozum is going to embrace the supernatural with the series, which is kind of strange. It’s about a science-based “superhero” who deals exclusively with magical antagonists. I’m sure Rozum can make it work.

But, the endless proper nouns are getting annoying.

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