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Xombi (1994) #0


What a goofy way to launch a series. This zero issue of Xombi—introducing the character—doesn’t just take place during a crossover, it also takes place eleven issues into the regular series run. Except the series hasn’t started its regular run yet. John Rozum explains it all in the letters page, but avoids mentioning how difficult it might be to understand.

But, given the constraints, he does a fine job introducing the character. He does the important stuff—establishing the superpowers, his identity—not much else. It’s actually a nice way of being dropped into a situation.

Besides a rocky start with the crossover mastermind, the issue’s good. Rozum has a lot of fun with the two guys trying to recruit Xombi. The bickering is a definite plus.

On the art, Denys Cowan and Jimmy Palmiotti do a nice job. Cowan’s frantic style makes it an atypical superhero book.

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