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The Unwritten (2009) #19


There’s a thread I thought Carey had resolved… the whole Savoy being a vampire being. Looks like I was wrong. I guess I just assumed Wilson Taylor knew stuff. That assumption is, apparently, quite wrong.

This issue—kicking off the Melville arc—introduces a new villain. Or a possible new villain; she’s a doll maker and she’s been around a while. There’s not much to her yet, but in her company, Pullman almost becomes likable. He’s just gotten to be familiar at this point. It turns hurt the last big villain turned out to be real annoying and Pullman didn’t like him, which makes the character somewhat sympathetic.

There’s not much about the story though—the big story. Instead, Carey’s spending time on the characters; he closes the issue with Lizzie and Tom making out. It’s a great scene and totally unexpected.

Carey’s successfully navigating the series through uncharted waters.

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