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The Unwritten (2009) #20


I think Carey just had his first misstep. It might not work out as a misstep… but he ends this issue like it’s “Quantum Leap” or something. It’s a terrible, terrible cliffhanger. The rest of the issue is pretty strong too.

It opens with Tom and Lizzie, with Tom blathering on romantically and Lizzie sort of ignoring him. The scene doesn’t establish their new relationship, but it’s got a lot of charm. Gross has started drawing Tom a little differently lately; he’s a lot more mature.

Then Tom ends up in Moby-Dick, while Savoy and Lizzie go looking for him. And Savoy reveals his new status as a vampire, which leads to a very amusing scene with the pragmatic Lizzie. It’s all good and solid.

But then there’s Tom… stuck in Moby-Dick, which leads to the weak cliffhanger. I hope any further adventures in literature aren’t so rocky.

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