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The Unwritten (2009) #17


The playful, “Choose Your Own Adventure,” aspect to this issue is stunning. It’s not the point of the comic—in fact, in a stream of consciousness sort of way, reading it straight through makes more sense (otherwise, why would Carey have ended the issue on the final pages)—but it’s a stunning device.

This issue we get Lizzie’s backstory. We do not get, however, any answers to the present questions raised and Carey raises even more questions about Lizzie than he answers.

So the ride is what’s important and it’s a wonderful ride. It makes Wilson a real character and makes Lizzie a subject.

Savoy is the opposite, of course—he’s Tom’s sidekick, regardless of how important his presence is to the triumvirate. It’ll be interesting to see if, since he’s explained Lizzie, Carey will focus on Savoy.

Nice art from Ryan Kelly too; it looks like Unwritten, but special.

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