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Swamp Thing (1972) #24


Poor Alec Holland… he finally regains his humanity, hooks up with a girl (who seems to be excited at the idea of seducing a widower) and then his comic gets cancelled.

The final issue of Swamp Thing is a hideous affair—so bad no one’s ever revisited it, not even as a joke. These last two issues establish an all new secret organization out to get Swamp Thing and this issue reveals more about them. Hostess Fruit Pie advertisements had better villains.

The art—from Ernie Chan and Fred Carrillo—is a little better than I expected. It’s genial DC seventies stuff (about as good as a Hostess ad); Swamp Thing never actually shows up so they only have flashback shots of him. Otherwise, the pair’s art looks like they’re aping Infantino.

David Anthony Kraft’s script is bad, but not in any extraordinary way… nothing could make this comic good.

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